Flight Lines

Army Aviation History At Your Fingertips

Flight Lines is a unique interactive, computerized archive of the personal histories submitted to the program. These records give the museum visitor a firsthand look at the faces and deeds of aviators, crewmembers, and aviation enthusiasts through history. With a click of the mouse, a visitor can call up photos and in-depth information of friends, relatives, or fellow crewmembers in the archives, or browse through sections of historical or technical interest.

Join those who have entered their personal civilian or military histories associated with Army Aviation. With your help, this important database will add a personal facet to the story of Army Aviation for researchers and casual visitors. Your entry will also support the Army Aviation Museum Foundation and the United States Army Aviation Museum, dedicated to preserving the past for the future.

Flight Lines is open to anyone interested in sharing their aviation related career information with museum visitors, regardless of military service.

To enroll, complete the online form. If you are submitting a photograph, it can be in color or black and white, and can be a current or earlier picture.


Enrollment fees are as follows:

$25 for Data only and $50 for Data and Photograph

* Once submitted, photographs become property of Army Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc. and cannot be returned.

* Active duty personnel may update their records once a year at no charge. All other changes or updates will require an administration fee of $10.

* Submitting the online form implies you understand this information will be viewed by the United States Army Aviation Museum website visitors.