Major Exhibits

The museum houses a collection of helicopters and airplanes that trace the development and use of aviation by the Army in several areas: troop and cargo transportation; observation, scouting, and liaison duties; medical evacuations; and the use of armed helicopters as an offensive weapon of the combined arms team. The exhibits give you a snapshot in time of different items from the Museum's collection, as they would have been used.

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Vietnam Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial, a sobering experience, attests to the 4,347 Army Aviation personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country during the Vietnam Conflict.

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Army Aviation Hall of Fame

It is only befitting that we recognize those individuals whose achievements, contributions and representation have so greatly impacted Army Aviation. Along these hallowed walls of the Army Aviation Hall of Fame hang the portraits and citations of those worthy of such an honored induction. Sponsored by the Army Aviation Association of America, the Army Aviation Hall of Fame has grown to over 100 inductees.

The Army Aviation Hall of Fame is Sponsored by the Army Aviation Association of America and more information on the Hall of Hame and Inductees can be found HERE

“Bravo Blues” 1st of the 9th Cavalry

The centerpiece of the exhibit floor depicts a well-publicized photograph from the Vietnam Conflict. The photo appeared in the 1st Cavalry Division yearbook, and shows an air assault landing of the “Bravo Blues” 1st of the 9th Cavalry.

Dustoff – When I Have Your Wounded

The ability of the helicopter to evacuate wounded soldiers from the front lines of fighting in a timely manner during the Korean Conflict helped to solidify the use of vertical flight technology for the Army.

Super 68

In 1993 Super 68 participated in Operation Gothic Serpent and was one of three Blackhawk helicopters to be shot down during the incident known as The Battle of Mogadishu, initially recounted in the Philadelphia Inquirer news story by reporter Mark Bowden entitled “Blackhawk Down” which was later a book and a movie with the same title.

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Greeting you as you enter the front door, these proud representatives of Army Aviation welcome you to the Museum.


Miss Clawd IV

Tail #340, “Miss Clawd IV”, is one of the aircraft on display that has an actual, documented combat history in Vietnam. It bears the same paint scheme as it wore the day it was shot down.

The Louisiana Maneuvers

During the Grand Maneuvers of 1941, one phase, called the Louisiana Maneuvers, solicited the help of William Piper of Piper Aircraft. As a result of the success in using light fixed wing aircraft for artillery spotting and liaison duties, general orders in 1942 created an authorization that allowed Army Ground Commanders access to their own aviation assets